June 20 + June 23, 2013

Non-Event and the Goethe-Institut Boston present

PAN_ACT Boston

A festival featuring artists at the forefront of underground dance and experimental music from Germany, the UK, Japan, and Boston from the PAN Records roster.

NIGHT ONE: June 20, 7:30pm
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Lee Gamble
Goethe-Institut Boston, 170 Beacon Street
All ages / $15 ($12 students w/ID)
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AFTERPARTY: June 20, 9:30pm - 2:00am
with DJ Create Her [end fence] + residents
Middlesex Lounge, 315 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge
21+ / Admission: $10 ($5 w/proof of admission from Goethe show)
presented in collaboration with Make It New and the MIT Cool Japan Research Project

NIGHT TWO: June 23, 7:30pm
Rashad Becker
Valerio Tricoli
Goethe-Institut Boston, 170 Beacon Street
All ages / $15 ($12 students w/ID)
>>Purchase advance tickets

PAN at Anthony Greaney: June 20-28
Special exhibit of PAN-related visual art curated by Pan Records’ founder Bill Kouligas
Anthony Greaney, 450 Harrison Avenue, Boston
presented in collaboration with Spectacle

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PAN_ACT Boston is presented by Non-Event and the Goethe-Institut Boston in collaboration with Pan Records and ISSUE Project Room (New York) with additional support from Anthony Greaney, Make It New, MIT Cool Japan Research Project, Spectacle, and WZBC 90.3 FM.

About the artists:

KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN is a Boston-based electronic musician who has recorded albums informed by a wide array of genres, including ambient music, drone, early electronics, drill and bass, musique concrète, and krautrock. He studied computer music at Berklee College of Music, where he was exposed to modern electronic music composition and synthesis. His studio and live setup usually consists of a modular synthesizer, sometimes augmented with computers or analogue instruments, such as guitar or oud. Whitman has released albums on Pan, Planet Mu, Kranky, No Fun Productions, Root Strata as well on his own Entschuldigen and (now defunct) Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge labels.

LEE GAMBLE began DJing as a teenager in the 1990s on UK pirate radio in the emerging Jungle scene. Since then, his approach to music has gone in a more experimental direction, as he explores the outer realms of abstraction through digital synthesis and re-synthesis. In his releases on Pan, he revisits his Jungle roots, albeit in highly abstracted form He is a a founding member of the UK-based CYRK collective and has curated/co-curated several performance and radio series for Resonance 104.4FM. In addition to his two records acclaimed records on PAN, Lee has released his solo computer compositions on the Entr’acte label and has collaborated with composer John Wall and artists Yutaka Makino and Bryan Lewis Saunders.

HEATSICK is Berlin-based performer and musician Steven Warwick, who is also known for his work in the electronic drone duo, Birds of Delay with fellow PAN artist Helm. His approach is one of carefully thought out loops which are executed on a simple Casio keyboard and then sent into varying types of interaction and infectiously danceable play. Active in the club, art, and music scenes, Warwick’s work exists in a liminal space, meditating both at once in real time and the “just past.”

NHK’KOYXEN is a solo abstract techno project of Kouhei Matsunaga, an Osaka-based musician, hip hop producer, and illustrator. Since 1992, Kouhei has released numerous albums under a variety of aliases (NHK, NHKyx, Internet Magic, Koyxen) on labels such as Skam, Wordsound, Raster Noton, and Mille Plateaux. In addition, he has collaborated with artists like Merzbow, Jungle Brothers’ Sensational, Autechre’s Sean Booth, Mika Vainio, Conrad Schnitzler, Anti Pop Consorium’s High Priest, Rudolf, Puppetmastaz crew, Asmus Tietchens, Ralf ‘RLW’ Wehowsky and more. His own label Flying Swimming was founded in 2002 with the main purpose being to publish and curate events of experimental contemporary music and art. This will be his second performance with Non-Event.

HELM is a sound artist and experimental musician based in London. Helm’s compositions build a dense aural landscape that touches on musique concrete, sound poetry, noise, and hallucinatory drones. Helm creates a world where these instruments morph into spectral rust, a shimmering klang swims alongside passive noise. This sound is steered through a melange of fringe territories: glacial drone meditations, reconfigured gamelan clusters, and howling walls of organized feedback, all coalesced in a post-industrial fashion with a commitment to homemade exploratory zeal. He has also performed extensively with Steven Warwick (HEATSICK) in the avant-drone duo Birds of Delay.

VALERIO TRICOLI is a Berlin-based composer, improviser, sound installation artist, producer, sound engineer and curator bridging musique concrete and conceptual forms of sound with a radical interest in how reality, virtuality and memory relate to each other during the acoustic event. He mostly uses analogue electronic devices (reel-to-reel tape recorders, synthesizers, microphones, light effects, ultrasonic speakers). The structure of the setup is ever-changing however, seeking multiple relations between the performers, the device and the space in which the event takes place. He is one of the founders of 3/4HadBeenEliminated and the Bowindo label/collective.

RASHAD BECKER will present a rare live set of his self-described “traditional music of a notional species.” Becker also creates precise, phantasmic sound designs that encourage the audience to focus their hearing. This performance will coincide with the release of his debut LP on PAN.

Rashad Becker, Live at Extreme Rituals: A Schlimpfuch Carnival 2012 (VIDEO)