Monday, October 7, 2013

Non-Event and swissnex Boston present
An Evening of Sound Poetry with

performing bh ​n ​(a) and anatomical poems (traghetto II, OOA, découpe)

with a pre-performance lecture by Vincent Barras
“Glossolalia, ​Modernist ​Poetry, ​and ​Schizophasia: ​A ​Historical ​Perspective”

swissnex Boston
420 Broadway (across from the Cambridge Public Library)
Cambridge, MA
6:30pm / $10

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Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras have collaborated for decades, creating a diverse body of sound performances that explore connections between language and the mind. ​bh ​n ​(a) ​is ​part ​of ​a ​triptych ​called ​“Voicing ​through ​Saussure.” ​It ​was ​originally ​composed ​as ​a ​collaboration ​with ​choreographer ​and ​dancer ​Cindy ​van ​Acker ​for ​her ​larger work ​“Puits” ​(2006). Speech/verbal ​stuff ​is ​taken ​as ​the ​primary ​component, ​drawing ​from ​materials ​found ​in ​the ​work ​of ​the linguist ​Ferdinand ​de ​Saussure. ​The ​detailed ​analysis ​of ​the ​sonorities ​of ​various ​ancient ​and ​modern ​languages, ​their re-elaboration ​and ​re-composition ​is ​embodied ​in ​a ​score-text, which is ​spread ​out ​on ​stage ​in ​its ​concrete ​dimensions. ​The ​vocal ​investigation ​takes place within the body, as Barras and Demierre ​dig ​into ​the ​primitive ​sound ​matter ​of ​language.

About the artists

JACQUES DEMIERRE is a Geneva-based pianist, performer, and composer. His musical and sound work falls under a variety of different categories, including improvised music, contemporary music, sound poetry, and sound installation. His work is concerned with the activity of listening as well as with sound and space, and develop a very cross- and inter-disciplinary conception of music. He collaborates with many improvizing musicians including Barre Philips, Urs Leimgruber, Thomas Lehn, Axel Dörner, Fritz Hauser, Sainkho Namtchylak, Hans Koch, Brandon Labelle, Jason Kahn, Butch Morris, and Rhodri Davis.

VINCENT BARRAS is a Geneva-based performer, historian, and translator. He is a Professor of the History of Medicine at the University of Lausanne and also teaches at the High Schools of Art and Applied Art in Geneva, where he focuses on sound and the history of the body. He is a member of Contrechamps Editions in Geneva (contemporary music and aesthetics) and is a curator/programmer of the sound poetry and art language festivals La Bâtie Festival and Roaratorio in Geneva. He has published various books, essays, and articles, on body theory; medicine and psychiatry; and contemporary poetry and music. He has translated books by Galen, Edoardo Sanguineti, Theodor Adorno, Carl Dahlhaus, Georges Seferis, John Cage, Eugen Gomringer, Simon Cutts, and Robert Lax.

This performance is made possible with the support of ProHelvetia (Swiss Arts Council), the Foundation Suisa, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung (SIS)