THE VOLTAGE SPOOKS at the Mills Gallery
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Non-Event and the Boston Center for the Arts Present

THE VOLTAGE SPOOKS (Keith Rowe, Rick Reed, and Michael Haleta)

Mills Gallery at the BCA
539 Tremont Street
Boston (South End)

A podcast featuring music by each of the artists is available here:
Voltage Spooks Podcast

The VOLTAGE SPOOKS is a newly formed, all-star trio of improv luminary, Keith Rowe, Texas-based sound artist, Rick Reed, and electro acoustic composer, Michael Haleta.

MICHAEL HALETA is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hamilton, New Jersey. A classically trained cellist turn electro acoustic composer, he is interested in individual sounds and bits rather than complete things. In addition to his solo work, he is also one half with his wife, Dawn Bendick, of the audio/visual duo, Backbreakerneckbrace. He also plays in the Baltimore band WZT Hearts.

RICK REED is an entirely self-taught composer/visual artist who has been working in the Austin music underground for the past 25 years. Using old battered electronic devices like sine wave generators, short wave radios and a vintage EMS analogue synthesizer, Reed has performed solo and with various electronic/noise groups including Frequency Curtain, Abrasion Ensemble, FTC and many others.

One of the key figures in the European improvisational music community, KEITH ROWE is an English free improvisation guitarist. Rowe was a founding member of the groundbreaking improv group AMM in the 1960s and the large improvisational ensemble, M.I.M.E.O., in the late 1990s. He trained as a visual artist and Rowe’s paintings, which are in a style reminiscent of Pop Art, have been featured on many of his album covers.