Washington Street Art Center
Thursday, June 6, 2019

Non-Event presents


Washington Street Art Center **venue change**
321 Washington Street, Somerville
Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8pm
$15 | $10 students & Non-Event members

METTE RASMUSSEN is a Danish saxophone player based in Trondheim, Norway. She works in the field of improvised music, drawing from a wide range of influences, spanning free jazz to textural soundwork. Rasmussen works on exploring the natural rawness of her instrument - experimenting on what the saxophone is capable of in sound and expression, with and without preparations. Much in demand, she has performed with the likes of Alan Silva, Chris Corsano, Ståle Liavik Solberg, Zeena Parkins, and with her Trio Riot group with Sam Andreae and David Meier.

TASHI DORJI is a freeform guitarist, who grew up in Bhutan, on the eastern side of the Himalayas. For the last 18-plus years he’s lived in Asheville, NC, where he developed an idiosyncratic playing style that draws on a variety of musical traditions. After releasing a handful of solo cassettes, Dorji presented his debut LP on Hermit Hut, the label created by Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance Since then he has released music both as a soloist, and in collaborative projects, notably with Chicago-based percussionist Tyler Damon, New York multi-instrumentalist Che Chen, and tonight’s special guest on labels like Bathetic Records, Cabin Floor Esoterica, Blue Tapes, Marmara Records, Feeding Tube, UNROCK, VDSQ, MIE, Ultra Violet Light, Family Vineyard and Astral Spirits.

GREASE RELEASE is two turntables, a cornet, and various found objects.

Tim Johnson plays a Hamilton Electronics institutional turntable. He likes encircling spinning objects with flexible pieces of metal, making little cages that fly apart. Once a piece of metal slipped inside the turntable housing and there was a small explosion. The turntable still works though.

Mary Staubitz plays a New Yorker portable 78 player. It has tubes so she can’t leave it in the cold. She wore off all the felt with jagged pieces of metal and now the turntable is bare steel. Her favorite object is the hand broom she stole from Sean’s house that makes barely any sound at all.

Sean C. Fennessy is here too but he’s probably passed out cold from blowing a cornet into a nine pan for half an hour.

ROB NOYES has been on the Eastern Massachusetts scene for a while, but what we’ve heard him play is music from within the context of electric bands, most of whom are loud as hell and exist somewhere along the rim of the post-core continuum. More recently, Rob has taken to displaying his solo acoustic guitar chops and they are massive….. Rob’s playing carries the weight of many possibly-imaginary forebears, but the way he smears them all together shows a holistic mastery of touch and imagination that defies a lot of today’s players, who tend to shine in short bursts, then allow their dreams to outrun their technique.” —Byron Coley

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