Stephan Mathieu at the Goethe-Institut
Saturday, December 06, 2008

Non-Event and the Goethe-Institut Boston present

with Keith Fullerton Whitman

Goethe-Institut Boston
170 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116
8 p.m. / $10

STEPHAN MATHIEU is an acclaimed electronic musician and sound artist based in Saarbrücken, Germany. Over the past decade, Mathieu has released 16 critically acclaimed solo and collaborative CDs. His music is largely based on the sounds of early instruments, environmental recordings and obsolete media, which he transforms using innovative editing techniques, experimental microphony and software processing. For this concert, Mathieu will give a rare performance of Virginals, a series of classic, minimalist compositions by Alvin Lucier, Francisco Lopez and Phill Niblock, which he interprets using piano and four mechanical gramophones. This concert is Mathieu’s Boston debut and will be his only performance in the U.S. this year.

A self-described electronic music obsessive, local musician KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN’s sprawling output encompasses a considerable variety of electronic forms and sounds, with releases ranging from meticulously constructed ambient minimalism to frenetic drill & bass (the primary milieu of his non-defunct Hrvatski alias), academically-minded compositional explorations of electronic music history and highly abstract modular synthesizer improvisations.

Non-Event concerts are supported in part by a grant from the LEF foundation