Friday, June 18, 2010

Non-Event and AXIOM Center for New and Experimental Media present:

improvised music under the influence of DJ Screw

Stelzer/Talbot Duo (Reunion!)
Mutation in the Gryd

141 Green Street
Boston/Jamaica Plain
The gallery is located at street level in the Green Street T station, on the MBTA Orange line
8pm SHARP / $8 suggested donation

About the artists:

SCREWED ANTHOLOGIES is the duo of David Dove and Lucas Gorham, who produce an unsteady brew of processed trombone, lap steel guitar, and other electronic debris as a tribute to the Houston hip-hip icon DJ Screw on the 10th anniversary of his untimely death. Originally commissioned to perform at the “Screwed Anthologies” exhibit of DJ Screw-influenced art at Labotanica, Dove and Gorham are now bringing their take on the cough-syrup-addled “screwed and chopped” sound to Boston. For the uninitiated, DJ Screw (Robert Earl Davis Jr.) was an immensely prolific DJ and producer with a jarringly original approach: he would skip records, alter them with electronic effects, and dramatically slow them down, rendering the vocals monstrous and the bass overpoweringly heavy. DJ Screw self-produced hundreds of cassette tapes in this style, launching a new and highly influential “screwed and chopped” style of hip-hop that became associated with Houston. Screw died of an overdose of codeine mixed with alcohol in 2000.

David Dove grew up learning trombone in the public school band program, while at the same time playing electric-bass in punk rock bands. In 2000, Pauline Oliveros invited him to start a Houston branch of The Deep Listening Institute. In 2006, DLI Houston became Nameless Sound, an independent, Houston-based organization that presents creative music workshops in public schools, community centers, homeless shelters, and refugee communities. Dove has collaborated with artists such as Tetuzi Akiyama, Susan Alcorn, Frédéric Blondy, John Butcher, Charalambides, Eugene Chadbourne, Maria Chavez, Susie Ibarra, Peter Kowald, Annette Krebs, Joelle Leandre, Thomas Lehn, Joe McPhee, Donald Miller, Le Quan Ninh, and Bhob Rainey, among many others.

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Gorham first met Dove in 1999, when he was a teenager playing guitar in a local Houston ‘rock-en-español’ band. Nurtured on his parents’ record collection and turned on to Cecil Taylor by a hip math teacher, Gorham fit right in with Nameless Sound’s Youth Ensemble. By the time he was 19, he had participated in Nameless Sound workshops with Pauline Oliveros, Joe McPhee, Eugene Chadbourne, Sam Rivers, Leroy Jenkins, and William Parker. Gorham went on to become a key player in Houston’s music scene—both ‘underground’ with improv and experimental groups and ‘above ground’ as a gospel/soul-influenced rock singer-songwriter with his band Grandfather Child.

From the vacuum of the Gryd Complex comes MUTATION IN THE GRYD, wielding dual analog instruments of the AX variety (AS & LT), forming angular drunken illustrations of billowing and sooty aural detritus. In late 2009, MiG forged an Untitled self-released cassette documenting the unsavory gutting and decapitation of arpeggios outside the “School of Light.” Caustic synthetic elements form the basis of the pitch bending, heaving beast they ride. Shortly thereafter, Mutation in the Gryd’s first live aktion transpired in Fort Point in April of 2010. Their latest cassette release Voidforest, is out now on Semata Productions. Fans of Oneohtrix Point Never, M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi), Zerfallt, Lustmord, and Coil will not want to miss this.