RHYS CHATHAM at MassArt, September 09, 2006

with Heathen Shame

MassArt (North Hall, Rm 181)
621 Huntington Ave, Boston
9:00pm, $8 (students)/ $10 (general public)

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Non-Event and EventWorks are proud to present the first Boston appearance in several decades by legendary maverick composer Rhys Chatham. Chatham is one of the most versatile and significant figures in all of modern music, and if you don’t know the name, you’ve heard the reverberations of his influence in bands from Sonic Youth to SunO))).

In 1975 classically-trained prodigy Rhys Chatham had an epiphany at a concert by the Ramones. His mission: to alter the DNA of rock by splicing the overtone-drenched minimalism of John Cale and Tony Conrad with the elemental fury of punk. The amalgamation was inspired, and it energized the downtown New York scene throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, making Chatham a founding father of the notorious No Wave movement. Chatham’s influence spread even further as former students and ensemble members, including Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth, injected his raucous, ecstatic sound into the rock mainstream. In 1982, he even took to the road with Fab Five Freddy, marking hip-hop’s first excursion into the heartland. Now, in 2006, Rhys Chatham has started a heavy metal band.