RHYS CHATHAM at Great Scott, January 29, 2007

Non-Event is proud to present:

RHYS CHATHAM performing his legendary 1977 piece “Guitar Trio” in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of this notorious, punk-era classic!

Rhys Chatham’s Guitar-Trio All-Stars (featuring David Daniell, Chris Brokaw, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Winston Bramman, and members of Devil Music with visuals by Robert Longo)

with special guests:

Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Avenue
Allston, MA

Written in 1977, “Guitar Trio” is Rhys Chatham’s signature composition, and with good reason. The word “seminal” was invented to describe it. With a single, repeated chord, Chatham permanently altered the DNA of rock by splicing the gritty, overtone-drenched minimalism of John Cale and Tony Conrad with the elemental fury of the Ramones. The amalgamation was inspired. It energized the downtown New York scene throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, and made Chatham a founding father of the notorious No Wave movement. The influence of “Guitar Trio” spread even farther as former students and ensemble members carried its shimmering swagger into the rock mainstream. When Sonic Youth are inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame (in, yes, Cleveland — and you know it’s gonna happen), listen for some G3. It’s there.

In 2007 Chatham returns (he expatriated to Paris in 1987) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Guitar Trio” by performing it on tour throughout the US and Canada. And we don’t mean it’s on the set list; it is the set list. These will be no ordinary concerts, and the ensemble — pumped up to a formidable six guitars at most shows — will be no ordinary ensemble. Chatham will lead a band of all-stars in each city. The Boston show will feature David Daniell, Chris Brokaw, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Winston Bramman and members of the Devil Music Ensemble. The concerts will also feature the original projections created for the piece in 1977 by famed visual artist and feature-film director Robert Longo.

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