NIGEL WRIGHT at Aviary Gallery
Friday, August 12, 2011

Non-Event Presents

NIGEL WRIGHT with Benjamin Nelson

Aviary Gallery
49 South Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
8 p.m. / $10

New Zealand’s NIGEL WRIGHT has been creating audio for over 7 years and is known for his spacious, expansive sound pieces. Dense layers of tonal drones underpin the field recordings, guitar, and tape loops that Wright uses as source material for his laptop-based live performances.

“Wright works with big, weighty chunks of sound…. He uses his laptop to weather and rust his guitars strings, ricocheting hefty down-strummed chords through cavernous banks of effects and then watching the overtones drift in the distance, like trailing headlights captured on polaroids.” (Jon Dale — The Wire)

BENJAMIN NELSON is a Boston based electronic musician. Performed primarily on modular synthesizer, Nelson’s music is focused on reduction and detail, using long forms and slow development, gradually revealing inner rhythmic oscillations and shifting overtones. While informed by many classic minimalist traditions, Nelson seeks to overcome the sterile and anti-emotional trapping often associated with such music. Personal as process. Benjamin Nelson is also a co-curator of the Non-Event concert series. He has performed throughout the US and Europe sharing bills with a wide variety of acts such as Giancarlo Toniutti, C Spencer Yeh, Whitehouse, and others. New recordings are due out this summer on Intransitive Recording’s Songs From Under The Floorboards, and Keith Fullerton Whitman’s NO label.