MERIDIAN + HMQ at Washington Street Art Center
Friday, May 9, 2014

Non-Event presents

MERIDIAN (Tim Feeney, Nick Hennies, Greg Stuart)
HOWARD MARTIN QUARTET (James Coleman, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Howard Martin, and Michael Rosenstein)

Washington Street Art Center
321 Washington Street
Somerville, MA
Doors: 7:30pm/$10

MERIDIAN is dedicated to the exploration of percussion through various non-traditional approaches. Drawing on their experience performing both improvised and composed works, the group — Tim Feeney, Nick Hennies, and Greg Stuart approaches percussion in a way that places the exploration of sound in the foreground rather than a focus on rhythm, gesture, or technique. The trio’s members eschew their training as “classical” percussionists in favor of a musical approach that is primarily concerned with exploring acoustic phenomena, rather than exercising their abilities as virtuosos.

After years of careful listening and writing about music, Michael Rosenstein began improvising with amplified everyday objects. He and Morgan Evans-Weiler played in a duo for a while, and eventually they invited James Coleman and Howard Martin to round out a quartet. From their first practice, they found a flexible group sound that includes quiet, considered playing but does not shy away from drama or abrupt transitions. They had chosen another name, a Beckett reference, but by virtue of a misprinted flyer became the HMQ.