MARK FELL: Microtonal House Chords
328 Massachusetts Ave
Thursday, October 25, 2012

Non-Event and the SMFA present

Études Microtonales Maison Cordale/Microtonal House Chords
8-channel installation/performance

328 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
6-10pm / FREE, but donations are very welcome!

Complimentary green tea and snacks will be provided

The space is almost directly across from the Middlesex Lounge, where Mark Fell will perform Sensate Focus live later that night!

Microtonal House Chords is a work for multiple speakers with mathematical transformations of the frequency relationships found in a series of notes used on Mark Fell’s Sensate Focus record series.

The following frequencies are used: 130.81279hz, 155.563492hz, 195.997711hz, 233.081879hz, 293.664764hz and 349.228241hz. 130.81279 was subtracted from the above values to give the following values: 0, 24.750702, 65.184921, 102.269089, 162.851974 and 218.415451.)

MARK FELL is a Sheffield-based electronic musician and artist, who works with new technologies, sound, image, and interaction, bringing together interests in experimental electronic musics, contemporary art, philosophy, and computer science. On his own and as one-half of the avant-techno duo SND, Mark has performed and exhibited at such major international festivals and institutions as Sonar, Mutek, The Barbican, The Corcoran, Volksbuhne, and more. In the last two years, he has released a slew of fantastic solo albums and 7”s, including Multistability (Raster-Noton), UL8 (Editions Mego), Manitutshu (Editions Mego), and, most recently, the Sensate Focus series and Sentinelle Objectif Actualité (Editions Mego).