MANDELBROT & SKYY at Yes Oui Si Gallery
Friday, June 17, 2011

Non-Event presents

with Mark Lord and Zerfallt

Yes Oui Si
19 Vancouver Street
(on the corner of Huntington Ave, E line to MFA/39 bus)
8pm, $10 donation for artists

note: sounds must end by 11pm, things will be kept TIMELY

MANDELBROT & SKYY is the duo of Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell, Secret Abuse, Marble Sky, ect), and Darren Ho (Driphouse, Racoo-oo-oon). A veritable melting pot of Berlin school influences channeled through digital synthesis. Marked by rhythmic backings, clear pads, and spectral squelching leads M&S clearly are seeking structure and direction over the often favored muddy haze of contemporary synth musings. Kluster & related fans take note: your post-kraut ship has arrived.

MARK LORD is the brainchild of former Kites frontman C.F. A character emerging from a conceptual life of a psychedelic wastelander, exploring classic synth pop, early industrial, and fried electronics. Expect anything ranging from broken minimal dance music to an electronic smokescreen. Galakthorro artists, John Bender, Maurizio Bianchi, German Shepherds all serve merely as points of departure for comparison. A unique voice among the crowd.

ZERFALLT is Lee Tindall’s (Mutations in the Gryd/Astronaut) solo platform for all things creep and grime. 80s polysynth tones and magnetic tape merge to create something reminiscent of a score to your favorite non-existant Giallo sci-fi crossover film.