Local Experimental Music Showcase at sQuare one
Saturday, December 9, 2006

Non-Event Presents an Evening of Local Experimental Music


sQuareone studio
49 Melcher Street, 2nd Floor
Fort Point Channel, Boston
$8 / 8:00 pm / BYOB

Download and listen to a Podcast featuring music by all of the artists here.

About the artists:

RED HORSE is local musician STEVE PYNE, who routes feedback loops and electronics through a custom-modified, vintage organ to create uniquely wonderous sounds. A guitarist by training, but a mad inventor at heart, Steve played backup for Boyz II Men and jazz standards at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, before discovering the joys of cracked electronics at a show by Vic Rawlings — he hasn’t looked back since. For this show, Red Horse has multiplied, as Steve is joined by multi-instrumentalist ELI KESZLER, whose music balances gorgeous, droning harmonics and intense, fast, free rhythms.

MARC MCNULTY has been creating experimental electronic music and sound art since 1989. Inspired by everything from mid-century musique concrète to eighties industrial music, Marc mixes organic and synthetic elements using self-designed software tools and a variety of analog and digital sound sources to create his music. Marc recently moved to the Boston area. His work has been released on a variety of labels, including Plate Lunch, Phonography, and Locus Sonus.

ERNST KAREL has been performing and recording electroacoustic music in a wide range of collaborative settings since the early 1990s, including a long-running partnership with Kyle Bruckmann as EKG. Recently relocated to Boston from Chicago, via a year in Berlin, he works with modular analog electronics, recordings, etc. His work has been released on labels such as Locust, Sedimental, and Formed.

Another recent transplant from Chicago, DEREK HOFFEND creates sound-sculpture installations and performs live audio-works involving composed and improvised pieces for computer, hand-made circuits, and modified electronic and acoustic instruments. His installations examine intersections between sound, object, body, and environment, combining electronic, acoustic, recorded, and self-generative audio processes with found and constructed objects and spaces. Violinist and composer JONATHAN CHEN’s work includes installation, composition, improvisation, and video. Currently based in Germany, Chen has worked with numerous artists, including Olivia Block, Nic Collins, David Grubbs, and Alvin Lucier. A recording of his duets with bassist Tatsu Aoki will be released on the AIR label in 2007.

This concert is supported in part by a grant from the LEF Foundation.