Friday, August 13, 2010

Non-Event and Spectacle present

(Raster-Noton/Monochrome Vision/Important Records)
with Ppalmm

17 Edinboro Street #3
Boston (Chinatown)
9 p.m. / $10

KOUHEI MATSUNAGA makes music that ranges from harsh, blistering noise to beautifully abrasive techno. He grew up in Osaka, Japan, studied architecture, and listened to hardcore techno and rap music. He started making music of an abstract, experimental sort in 1992, releasing his first album on the legendary experimental techno label, Mille Plateaux. In the past he’s collaborated with artists like Merzbow, John Waterman, Asmus Tietchens, rlw, Rudolf eb.er, Anla Courtis, Greg Davis, Conrad Schnitzler, Lesser, Calros Giffoni, Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic), Mr Maloke (Puppetmastaz), Sean Booth (Autechre) and Sensational (ex Jungle Brothers). He also performs as NHK (with Toshio Munehiro) and as Internet Magic (with Max Turner). He currently lives in Berlin and Osaka.

PPALMM is Paul Morse. It is present tense sound. Live sounds differ from show to show. Each set is meant to be presented as a new aural texture, distinctly different from the last. It is our job to roll with the punches, in most facets of daily life. Change is embraced. Sounds collage from different origins to pulse, move, drone, absorb, reflect, warp, and brighten our days.