Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
Friday, May 26, 2017

Non-Event and the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum present

JOE POTTS (chopped optigan)
KATE VILLAGE (guitar, voice)

Metropolitan Waterworks Museum
2450 Beacon Street, Boston
Doors: 7:30pm, Music: 8pm
Tickets: $10 gen admission | $8 students + Non-Event members

Eventbrite - Joe Potts + Kate Village at Waterworks

Please note that there is limited parking at the museum. Please use the T (Reservoir or Cleveland Circle stops on the Green line), if possible!

JOE POTTS is a founding member of The Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS), a seminal experimental music collective, which is responsible for over two-dozen releases over the past 40 years. He is a member of the west coast experimental supergroup, Extended Organ, along with Paul McCarthy, Fredrik Nilsen, and Tom Recchion. He is also the “man behind the curtain” in Airway, an Art/Sound collective that combines walls of sound with subliminal treatments, and treats live musicians as electronic signals, which are processed and manipulated. For the past 15 years he has been composing for the “Chopped Optigan” a Seventies optical sampling console organ that has been customized and rewired in order to create dense undulating chords of up to 64 notes at a time.

KATE VILLAGE, described as a surfer shooting the curl in a wave of feedback, fights her Guild T-50 guitar in the endless battle between human and electronics. She has ridden the texture/noise continuum for the past 25+ years in rock bands and improv/noise configurations. Best known for elephantine guitar work alongside her husband Wayne Rogers in Magic Hour, Vermonster, Major Stars, and Heathen Shame; she’s also performed with other bunches of males including Stefan Jaworzyn, Luxiourus Bags, Alan Licht, Michio Kurihara, Thurston Moore, Bill Nace, Greg Kelley, Chris Corsano, Rinji Fukuoka, and Paul Flaherty but, sadly, not all at the same time.

This project is made possible in part by grants from the Boston Foundation, as well as the Brookline Commission for the Arts, the Newton Cultural Council, and the Boston Cultural Council, local agencies which are funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.