World Listening Day Concert at Mobius
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mobius and Non Event present
6th Annual World Listening Day Concert, featuring

(laptop, electronics, four-channel, sound distribution array)

55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
8 p.m. | FREE (donations accepted)

World Listening Day is co-organized by the World Listening Project (WLP), the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE) and Biosphere Soundscapes. July 18 was chosen because it is the birthday of Canadian writer, educator, philosopher, visual artist, and composer R. Murray Schafer. His efforts leading the World Soundscape Project and his seminal book, The Tuning of the World, inspired global interest in a new field of research and practice known as Acoustic Ecology.

World Listening Day 2015: H2O invites you to reflect on water, metaphorically in how you listen, or through creative events inspired by water and sound across the globe. The 2015 theme resonates at a time where we need to shift our collective thinking and actions towards water globally.

As part of the New England Phonographers Union, JED SPEARE has been performing World Listening Day concerts based on water concepts and infrastructures for the past five years. These concerts have revealed and reflected back to an audience sounds that were recorded on-site, then presented in concert at the origination of those sounds. They have included concerts at Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant as well as the public park in Nut Island, Quincy, MA, at the pump station there. Speare will work with a selection of these recordings with live and prepared sound transformation in collaboration with Morgan Evans-Weiler, on laptop-programmed patches, sine waves, and manipulated location recordings. Additional materials and strategies for the concert are also being developed.

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About the artists

JED SPEARE is a multidisciplinary artist who has presented sound art internationally for over thirty years. He studied at the Sonic Research Studio of the World Soundscape Project in 1978, and is the creator of Cable Car Soundscapes (1982) on Smithsonian Folkways Records and Sound Works 1982-1987 (2008) on the Family Vineyard label. He has an extensive background working in other media such as video, experimental theater, performance, imaging, and writing. He is a founding member of the New England Phonographers Union and is on the Board of the American Society for Acoustic Ecology. He has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 1995 and served as Director of Mobius and another alternative arts space, Studio Soto, for a combined twenty years.

MORGAN EVANS-WEILER is a Boston based sound artist, composer and educator who uses violin, electronics and other media to explore the realms of attention, stillness, stasis and listening. His solo work involves compositions, improvisations and environments that explore the physical properties of sound, the experience of space, and experimental performative practices.

Since arriving in Boston, Morgan has been actively involved in the creative music scene. He releases tapes by Boston artists on his Individual Lines label and produces shows at Washington St. Art in Somerville, MA. His current projects include the large Boston ensemble Deleuzer, his solo work and the Howard Martin Quartet.