JACOB KIRKEGAARD performs ELSE MARIE PADE at the Goethe-Institut
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Non-Event and the Goethe-Institut Boston present


Goethe-Institut Boston
170 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116
8 p.m. (doors: 7:30pm)
617-262-6050 Tickets
Advance: $10 / $8 members and students
At the Door: $15 / $10 members and students

Else Marie Pade and Jacob Kirkegaard, Svævninger (2011)
Else Marie Pade, Faust Suite (1962)

About the artists

Danish artist JACOB KIRKEGAARD’s works are focused on scientific and aesthetic aspects of sonic perception. He explores acoustic spaces and phenomena that usually remain imperceptible to the immediate ear.

Kirkegaard’s installations, compositions & photographs are created from a variety of environments, such as subterranean geyser vibrations, empty rooms in Chernobyl, a rotating TV tower, and sounds within the human inner ear itself. Based in Berlin, Germany, Kirkegaard is a graduate of the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne. Since 1995, Kirkegaard has presented his works at galleries, museums, venues & conferences throughout the world. His sound works have been released by Important Records (based in Massachusetts), Touch, and Posh Isolation.

ELSE MARIE PADE, born 1924 in Denmark, is a precious golden gem in the world of contemporary electro-acoustic music. She is a true pioneer of electronic music and Musique Concrete. Pade is Denmark’s first lady of electronic music and her piece Syv Cirkler (Seven Circles) was the first electronic piece performed on Danish radio.

Pade’s fascination with sound began in early childhood. Isolated in her bed for long periods due to illness, she began listening and intensively observing the sounds around her. As a teenager being imprisoned for spying on Nazi compounds in Arhus she had a similar experience of isolation and sharpening her awareness of sound. Once released from prison she became a piano student at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen. Being introduced to Pierre Schaeffer in 1952 she instead chose to pursue the nuances of her inner sound world. Shortly after beginning her studies with Schaeffer, she had her first electronic composition premiered in 1958.

A three LP set of Pade’s most important works, which have been restored, mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering in 2014 in Berlin under the watchful supervision of curator Jacob Kirkegaard, is due out on Important Records this June.

“The sounds outside became concrete music, and in the evening I could imagine that the stars and the moon and the sky uttered sounds and those turned into electronic music.” —Else Marie Pade