IN CAMERA at the Goethe-Institut Boston
Friday, June 8, 2012

Non-Event and the Goethe-Institut Boston present

with Jay Sullivan

Goethe-Institut Boston
170 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116
8 p.m. / $15 general admission/$12 students

With tasty small bites provided by Prose and delicious local beer available from Notch Brewery.

IN CAMERA is the the longstanding collaborative project of CHRISTOPH HEEMANN and TIMO VAN LUIJK.

Born in 1964 in Aachen, Germany, CHRISTOPH HEEMANN was a founding member of the group HIRSCHE NICHT AUFS SOFA (H.N.A.S.).From 1985 to 1993, H.N.A.S. released several albums of surreal collage music, drawing inspiration from such diverse elements as musique concrete, avant-garde, krautrock and improvised music. After the group disbanded Heemann continued working solo and with the group Mimir (with Edward Ka-spel and Jim O’Rourke), the drone projects Mirror (with Andrew Chalk) and In Camera (with Timo van Luijk). Heemann’s solo compositions have been described as “ear-movies,” in which he fuses field recordings, acoustic instruments, electronics, and electroacoustic sounds into audio narratives.

TIMO VAN LUIJK is a Finnish-born composer and improviser living in Belgium. He was a founding member of the experimental multimedia collective Noise-Maker’s Fifes (1989-2006) and started his solo project Af Ursin in 1995. Van Luijk mainly works with acoustic (wind and string) instruments, various (sound) objects, keyboards and magnetic tape. Within this setting he creates structured freeform arrangements in which the intuitive and emotive aspect form the core of his musical approach.

Turntablist JAY SULLIVAN has been a mainstay of the New England noise and experimental music scene for the past nine years or so. Working with distressed vinyl, vintage record players, and a variety of electronic ephemera, he creates his richly crackling music out of dense fields of hiss and hum. In addition to his solo work, he has a longstanding duo project with cassette tape maestro, Howard Stelzer, called Skeletons Out and a newer trio called Ouest with Stelzer and sound artist, Brendan Murray. His collaborators range from local legend Vic Rawlings to Jeph Jerman and Richard Francis. He has releases forthcoming on Little Enjoyer, Banned Productions, and Semata.

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