Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Non-Event Presents
Our August Experimental Coffee House


Café Fixe
1642 Beacon Street (Washington Square)
Brookline, MA 02445
8 p.m./$5

HOWARD STELZER has been active as a composer and performer of electronic music since 1992. His work exploits the unique sonic and physical qualities of cassette tapes and tape players: gritty hiss, the squeal and hum of cheap motors taxed beyond their breaking point, and amplified plastic clatter. Stelzer ran the Intransitive Recordings label from 1997 until 2012. He currently lives behind a power plant in Lowell, Massachusetts. His most recent albums are “The Impossible Astronaut” (NNA Tapes) and “Pink Pearl” with Frans de Waard (Bocian Records).

HS does to cassettes what Keith Emerson did to keyboards .. only with much better results. Listening to Howie manipulate the humble tape cassette and create such incredible sounds makes you realize what major league wasters there are out there with entire studios at their disposal. — Idwal Fisher

Springy twangs, warping scratches, and the sound of tape rolling over playheads all create a cartoon soundtrack without the music. Close your eyes and you can almost see the Acme products exploding in time to Stelzer’s picturesque noise. — Marc Masters, Pitchfork

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Brookline Commission for the Arts, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.