Washington Street Art Center, February 12, 2013

Non-Event presents

HONG CHULKI (3rd set)
JUDY DUNAWAY (1st set)

Washington Street Art Center
321 Washington Street
Somerville, MA
Doors: 7:30pm/$15

Please note: this concert will begin promptly at 8pm, due to the nature of Judy Dunaway’s set-up

HONG CHULKI is an improviser and noise musician from Seoul, South Korea. His uses turntables (without cartridge), mixing board feedback, laptop, and other electronics. One of his central projects is astronoise with the musician Choi Joonyong, which was the first noise act from South Korea (the duo was founded in 1997). After several years of playing guitar in indie rock bands and doing military, he began to explore free improvisation using everyday recording and playback devices such as CD players, MD recorders and turntables. Since then, he has developed his interest in collective non-idiomatic improvisation with acoustic/electronic noise objects. He participated initially in Bulgasari, the first monthly free music concert series in Seoul organized by Sato Yukie, and later co-founded RELAY, the free improvisation meeting directed by Ryu Hankil. This will be his first performance in Boston.

JUDY DUNAWAY performs free improvisations and compositions on latex balloons as serious musical instruments. Since 1995, she has presented this work at many major festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, including the Roy and Edna Disney Center (Los Angeles), Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors (New York), the Guelph Jazz Festival (Canada), and Podewil (Berlin). She has also performed works by John Zorn and Roscoe Mitchell, and has performed live improvisations on balloons with many outstanding musicians including Jennifer Walshe, John Hollenbeck, Yasunao Tone, and the FLUX Quartet. She has released CDs of her works for balloons on the CRI and Innova labels, among others.

BRYAN EUBANKS is a musician primarily active within the traditions of experimental and live electronic music. He works with unstable structures and instruments that incorporate open-circuits, samplers, radio transmission, feedback, digital synthesis, the soprano saxophone, and other acoustic instruments. He improvises, composes music for instruments and electronics, and makes sound installations. His work often involves practical research into computer music, generative composition, electronics, time, and sound localization.