Thursday, March 8, 2018

Non-Event is pleased to present three artists in this evening of performance on the new “Soundscape” audio surround system by d&b audiotechnik. Presented as part of the Dissolve Music @MIT Conference

MOUSE ON MARS, performing “Dimensional People” (spatial mix installation)

* Non-Event curated artists

Warehouse XI
11 Sanborn Court
Somerville (Union Square)
7pm | FREE, but space is limited

Dissolve Music @ MIT is a two-and-a-half-day conference and sound festival, March 7-9, 2018, to bring together musicians, sound creators, and scholars of music and sound studies to discuss the diversity of music and experimental sound. As part of the festival, Non-Event is collaborating with the conference for an evening of performance on the new “Soundscape” spatial audio surround system by d&b audiotechnik, an object-oriented mixing technology.

About the artists:

MOUSE ON MARS is recognised as one of Germany’s most defining and versatile electronic music projects. With their anarchic mixture of sound that oscillates between uncontrollable chaos and meticulously arranged structures, Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma have forged a unique musical language, which is readily decomposed by the unpredictability of its myriad mutations.

BREAKING FORMS is the space pop project of Chilean-born, Boston-based artists Nicole L’Huillier and Juan Necochea.

JAKE MEGINSKY is an electronic musician, composer, and percussionist, who has collaborated and performed with such artists as Milford Graves, Alvin Lucier, Joan Labarbara, Kim Gordon, Vic Rawlings, Greg Kelley, Bhob Rainey, Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Paul Flaherty, Arthur Brooks, Bill Nace, and John Truscinski.

ASHA SHESHADRI is primarily concerned with memory construction, the resuscitation of lost and silenced historical narratives, and questions of identity within the latter. Her recent work in video/sound (as Isolde Touch) investigates specific moments of transformation in labor movements, issues of feminist postcolonial representation, and the physical and social experiences of Asian diaspora.

ADAM MOROSKY is an artist experimenting across physical and electronic media, focusing on issues of metaphysics, structural power relationships, and (dis)embodiment. He has toured North America, Europe, Indonesia, & released numerous recordings under the name Timeghost.

PROXEMIA is the multidisciplinary project of José Rivera aimed at investigating spatial awareness, perception, and aural happenings informed by experimental, electroacoustic processes.

MICHIYOSHI SATO is one of Japan’s leading practitioners of tsugaru-jamisen, an improvisatory musical style performed on a Japanese three-stringed spike lute called a shamisen.