COSMOS at the Mills Gallery, October 03, 2006

COSMOS (Ami Yoshida & Sachiko M)

The Mills Gallery
at The Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street, Boston (South End)

Cosmos has no concept.
Cosmos has no discussion.
Cosmos accepts all sounds. Then it ignores them.

COSMOS is the duo of Sachiko M (sinewaves, contact microphone on objects) and Ami Yoshida (voice). It was formed in 1998 in an extremely natural fashion. The only thing set down at the beginning was the name Cosmos, provided by Ami. Although the unit has given only one or three concerts a year since its formation, it has, through its unique feeling of space and its overwhelming presence, gained an enthusiastic following which continues to grow.

SEAN MEEHAN became musically active in the late 80’s at the amica bunker series for improvised music which was then housed at ABC No Rio in New York City. Current performances find Meehan playing only the snare drum in a manner that sheds conventional usage and reconstructs the conception and function of the instrument. Concert activities, both at home and away, are generally divided between playing in conventional settings for experimental music and in seeking out unique locations that are often in the unobserved and unconsidered corners of the city.

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