Washington Street Art Center
January 19–28, 2018

an experimental music gathering in Somerville

Non-Event is pleased to co-host the second season of the Co-Incidence Festival, which will take place January 19–28, 2018 at or around the Washington Street Art Center

Co-Incidence Artists:
Amy Golden
Caleb Chase
Cal Fish
Joachim Eckl (Resident Artist)
Kirsten Carey
Michael Pisaro
Aaron Foster Breilyn (Co-Director)
Luke Martin (Co-Director)

Washington Street Art Center
321 Washington Street
Somerville (near Union Square)


January 19, 7pmThe Welcome Concert in Union Square Somerville, featuring pieces by Joachim Eckl, Marilyn Arsem, Sarah Pitan, and Jennie Gottschalk.

January 19–28 (one hour per day)SOUND BRIDGES (a piece by Joachim Eckl, performed by local and Co-Incidence artists) in Union Square, Somerville (see the Co-Incidence Festival page for times + locations)

January 27, 6pmPotluck Finale at the Washington Street Art Center.

There may be other (non) performances at Washington Street during the festival. We encourage people to attend any of the days they can! More information about the festival, including a more detailed performance schedule and artist bios is available at the Co-Incidence Festival website.

The Co-Incidence Festival is supported in part by grants from the Somerville Arts Council, the Amphion Foundation, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Austrian Cultural Forum.