SMFA Library
Monday, April 17, 2017

Non-Event and Library Sounds present


School of the Museum of Fine Arts
230 The Fenway,
Boston, MA
8pm / $10 general admission / $8 members + students / FREE for SMFA/Tufts students

BEN OWEN is a New York-based sound artist and experimental musician. Ben’s current work includes improvised and graphic score based performance, audio and video collaborations, and a weekly internet radio program. His early sound studies began with cassettes and live radio, in tandem with stone lithography printmaking and photographic slide projections. his process of lithographic printing is balanced by the intended preservation and natural degradation of marks. he finds complimentary inherent similarities between the cycles of inking and surface reception of printmaking, mark making through drawing on printing stones and audio marks amplified by contact mics and environmental recordings. he is interested in the relationship between the spacial aspects of existing sound fields, intervened environments, and the projection and reflection of light. locations are an active and physical palette, much like an improvisational setting where control is relinquished. through mark making, and an attention to instability he continues the practice of listening and response.

JASON KAHN’s performances explore the physical and spiritual limits of breath, stretching the voice to its breaking point. The disintegration of each vocal gesture leads to the next, creating a structure where what remains with each evacuating breath creates a context for the entire piece.

Originally a drummer and electronic musician, Kahn turned to the voice to find a more direct connection to himself and the audience. Without the benefit of having an instrument shielding him, Kahn contends with the vulnerability of laying himself bare to the listener, Born 1960 in New York and growing up in Los Angeles, Jason Kahn moved to Europe in 1990. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.].

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Boston Cultural Council, a local agency which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, administrated by the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture.