BACZKOWSKI-NACE-CORSANO-KELLEY at Spectacle, Sunday, June 24, 2012

Non-Event and Spectacle present


128 Brookside
Jamaica Plain (near Green Street T)
$10/ 8pm

Steve Baczkowski (reeds) and Chris Corsano (drums) met in 2002, jammed at an old Buffalo ice house, and have played together in various formations ever since: duo, trio with Paul Flaherty (The Dim Bulb, 2005, Wet Paint) and also a quartet with Flaherty and Tony Conrad. Bill Nace (guitar) met Steve in a town famous for hockey sticks, first played together in a converted ice rink, and have recently formed a duo (Live in Buffalo, 2010, 8mm). Chris and Bill formed their duo Vampire Belt in 2002 in what used to be a bait shop. Up until now, the three’s first and only performance together was in Thurston Moore’s Dream/Aktion Unit at the Victo festival in 2005. For the Boston show only, the trio will be joined by trumpeter Greg Kelley.

About the artists

Multi-wind instrumentalist STEVE BACZKOWSKI lives in Buffalo, N.Y. where he works as a conduit for creative music of any and every sort. Baczkowski began playing alto saxophone at age eight, switched to baritone by the time he was twelve, and has since developed a wide array of woodwind styles & formidable breathing techniques. In addition to organizing the Buffalo Improvisers Orchestra, and the Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit, Baczkowski also performs solo, in duo with Ravi Padmanabha, Bill Sack, Nola Ranallo, Omar Tamez & Bill Nace and in ensembles such as Genkin Philharmonic, 12/8 Path Band, Necrophonia, the William Parker Trance Quartet, and frequent collaborations with like-souled folks from around the world.

BILL NACE is one of the premiere avant-garde guitarists active today. He has one of the most personal and unique pallets of sound ever to be culled from an electric guitar. Nace creates a distinct, mind-bending cacophony and focuses his textures with intense precision and control. He works under various guises (x.0.4 with Jake Meginsksy and John Truscinski, a duo with Paul Flaherty, Northampton Wools with Thurston Moore, and Ceylon Mange with Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance) and his own name.

Drummer CHRIS CORSANO began a longstanding, high-energy partnership with saxophonist Paul Flaherty in 1998. A move from western Massachusetts, USA to the UK in 2005 led Chris to develop a solo music of his own, incorporating sax reeds, violin strings, pot lids, adhesive tape and other household devices into his drum kit. The years 2007 and ‘08 were spent as the drummer on Björk’s Volta world tour, all the while weaving in shows and recordings with the likes of Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker & John Edwards, Virginia Genta, and C. Spencer Yeh on his days off. Returning to the U.S. in 2009, Corsano shifted focus back to his own projects, most notably a duo with Michael Flower, Rangda (with Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny) and his solo work. In addition to the those mentioned above, he’s also played with, among others, Joe McPhee, Jessica Rylan, Akira Sakata, Jim O’Rourke, Jandek, Nels Cline, and Sunburned Hand Of Man.

GREG KELLEY began studying the trumpet at age 10. He attended the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, where in addition to studying the Conservatory curriculum, he also immersed himself in a deep study of avant-garde and experimental music, eventually coming to the conclusion that his musical focus fell outside of the academic sphere. After his studies, Kelley moved back to his native Massachusetts, quickly insinuated himself into the local avant-garde circles and soon commenced a period of intense travel and collaboration, bringing him across the United States, throughout Europe, Japan and South America.

KATE VILLAGE (BIGGAR), described as a surfer shooting the curl in a wave of feedback, fights her Guild T-50 guitar in the endless battle between human and electronics. She has ridden the texture/noise continuum for the past 25+ years in rock bands and improv/noise configurations. Best known for elephant guitar work alongside her husband Wayne Rogers in Magic Hour, Vermonster, Major Stars and Heathen Shame; she’s also performed with other bunches of males including Stefan Jaworzyn, Luxiourus Bags, Alan Licht, Michio Kurihara, Thurston Moore, Bill Nace, Greg Kelley, Chris Corsano, Rinji Fukuoka, and Paul Flaherty but, sadly, not all at the same time.